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We were born and bred in the water. We surf everyday and we love sharing the joy that surfing brings. If you’re a ripper or just thinking you might want to give this a try or somewhere in the middle, we love talking everything surf and are dedicated in helping you get the most stoke in whatever you’re doing even if its just to talk about your last session.

There aren’t too many locally owned surf store’s left out there that are actually focused on surf rather that squeezing you with lookalike attitudes.

We have the worlds best boards, the best locally made boards along with some good solid entry level boards to get you started that are very affordable. All the accessories and wetsuits to keep you out there. Oh and we have clothes as well.

We’re into our community, look after our Boardriders, local groups and charities and all our staff are locals. We run a few comps a year to get the juices going.

We’re only 1.5 hrs outside of Sydney with plenty of toobs around, if you’re not local just drop in after you get some waves and check us out.

Now a message from the boss

"Surfing is everything to me, its always been the love of my life since before i can remember and glad i can still share the love. Its the best thing ever" - Daz Longbottom - owner.