Sharks have the most powerful electrical sense in the animal kingdom. Sharkbanz patented magnetic technology disrupts this system by causing a highly unpleasant sensation that turns inquisitive sharks away.

The Modom Sharkleash is a convenient shark deterrent for surfers. Created by surfers and divers and tested by Marine Biologists on predatory shark species. Sharkbanz tech does not harm sharks or other sea creatures, uses no batteries, requires no charging, and does not lose its deterrent power over time


  •  Standard 6ft leash
  •  Colour: Black
  •  Detachable 7mm polypropylene cord
  •  Sharkbanz magnetic technology
  •  Smooth rotating stainless steel anti rust swivels
  •  Ultra strong Modom velcro holds tight in all conditions
  •  Internal key pocket




Finally, after 3 years of enjoying the Monsta 3, Iʼve managed to create an advanced update that our team is really happy with! Monsta 6 is the brand new update of our best seller the M3. 

I have worked closely with Parko, Julian, Owen, Ace and Dusty on new variations of the Monsta 3 since well before the Quik Pro in March 2015, which has led to the final product design of the M6. From Julian’s magic shortboard that took him to the infamous Jbay final, to Joel’s absolute favourites from the last 6 months, a lot went into this one. 

It features slightly deeper concave overall and a smoother continued rocker compared to the previous Monsta’s. To compliment all of this I’ve added a touch more curve in the tail rocker with fractionally fuller/softer rails. All of these subtle changes - based on feedback from the Traktor Team and mates that surf all week have resulted in the best Monsta yet!



The much anticipated KELLY SLATER DESIGNS have just arrived instore. There are 3 models are the Bannana, the Omni and the most talked about surfboard this year,

the Sci-Fi. Built for speed, each model have their own little quirks but they're all built for speed. Drop in to the store as they definitely need a look and feel. We'll walk you through the models. But be quick as the first drops are very limited.



As you all know, one of our local rippers, well probably our biggest ripper in the area was involved in a nasty incident with a shark at one of our local beaches. We are all stoked Brett survived the incident but there will be a long road to recovery. What comes with that is plenty of medical bills. We along with the rest of the local community are fully behind Brett and we’d be grateful if you could help support if you haven’t already. A trust account has been set up with the following details. BSB 012709 - ACCT 298964661