Sharks have the most powerful electrical sense in the animal kingdom. Sharkbanz patented magnetic technology disrupts this system by causing a highly unpleasant sensation that turns inquisitive sharks away.

The Modom Sharkleash is a convenient shark deterrent for surfers. Created by surfers and divers and tested by Marine Biologists on predatory shark species. Sharkbanz tech does not harm sharks or other sea creatures, uses no batteries, requires no charging, and does not lose its deterrent power over time


  •  Standard 6ft leash
  •  Colour: Black
  •  Detachable 7mm polypropylene cord
  •  Sharkbanz magnetic technology
  •  Smooth rotating stainless steel anti rust swivels
  •  Ultra strong Modom velcro holds tight in all conditions
  •  Internal key pocket